Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From Wendy - "Horse Healing Workshop"

We were to go up to the 2 different paddocks that housed 2 horses in one smaller circle and 7 horses in the larger one right next to it. We were to see what we could pick up from the horses and see if any horse comes up to us. Cleo came up to me, stood there awhile before wandering off. I guess she was my horse for the day.

A little later that day, when it was my turn to get into the ring for my personal encounter with Cleo, I was suppose to just stand there and let her come up to me.  Erin helps me ground myself before entering the ring. I felt a connection with Cleo rightaway. I entered the ring not really knowing what to expect. As soon as I walked into the ring, Cleo came right up to me without any hesitation. She came right up to me and stood with her left side to me. Since I did not know what to do, I just put my hands on her shoulder first then started to move up and down her neck, back and chest. It was just absolutely magical, standing there so close to this enormous beautiful horse and making a connection. Cleo stood there chewing with her eyes closed. Both of us were enjoying this so much. She stood there for a few minutes, and then she turned and approached me so her right side was next to me. I put my hands on her moving them all around, just kind of petting her. It felt like it was just she and I in the entire world. After a few minutes just moving my hands over the right side, she did the horse thing where they blow out there mouth with their lips vibrating and walked away. I had made such an awesome connection with Cleo and she showed me how good I made her feel and that I should continue to learn how to help other animals.

I was just so full of this new electrical type energy I had never felt before. It was a great high! So I leave the ring and go out to see what others have to say about what they saw. Erin said all the other horses had stopped what they were doing in the other ring, walked to the edge near Cleo and me and stood chewing (confirmation from horses) and watching.  Erin said that I had connected with the entire herd and they all were confirming. Everyone else was in awe.  Some said they got goose bumps. They all said they felt this powerful pure love between Cleo and me, and it went thru the entire herd. 

At the end of the day, Erin asked everyone what they “Aha” moment. Mine was of course when I connected with Cleo. Another lady said that was her moment also.

I am not sure where I am going but I can’t wait to see.
I have never been around horses much before this day.

From Erin to Wendy on Horse Experiences

Hi Wendy,

I hope you enjoy your pictures. I thought they turned out well and really captured the connection between you and Cleo. First of all I thought it was interesting that the two horses that you felt most connected to Cleo and Lu do the most healing work of all the horses in the herd. I was guided to have you work with Cleo for your round pen session because she is such an amazing teacher. She really wanted to connect with you because of the work you will be doing. I also thought it was so interesting that when the two of you were working together  a powerful wave of healing energy was sent  to the entire herd and to the group. This is what we call heart resonance. Information is actually downloading through the heart and Cleo was giving you a download. This is quite and honor and this information or energy is with you now.  You will be able to access it when it is needed. This is a whole different way of communicating it is almost a knowing. I am so excited to see where you go with this work and I am certain that this is your true calling.

Blessings,  Erin

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From Wendy - More Eye and Heart Opening Experiences with a Horse

I went to see some more horses today. There is someone I have got connected with at Hidden Promise. Equine Assisted Healing. Kim Cardeccia is her now. Great lady. We are trading services (computers for horse smarts). Anyway, nothing much happened but Kim is a licensed counselor so she is trying to work about me letting go and just believing what is out there for me. I met with Keystone, one of her horses. Nothing major happened. I brushed him as we talked and then just kind of spent time with him for about 1 hour. Then I went home. 

On the way home I was thinking about the last few minutes with Keystone. I so wanted to put my arms around Keystone's neck but something stopped me and I asked a stupid question about the hair on his neck instead. I broke the moment.

When I got in the car I was bummed it would be weeks before I could see the horses again and felt so mad at myself for stopping the hug. I wanted to just put my arms around his neck and I stopped. So I just imagined putting my arms around his neck and I started to cry. I cried all the way home imagining my arms around his neck. It was this pure love I felt for him.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"A Goat Story for You" by Alison

One of our goats, Yuleme, started resisting the milking stand.  She just would not get up there even with my husband lifting her on, she would go flat on her stomach and refuse. It happened mostly for my husband and he'd call me out to help and the two of us together got her up.  On morning it was my turn to milk once again she refused to get up. So I got down to her eye level and she somehow told me she felt under appreciated, she felt more like a commodity than a being.  She needed some love.  I told her we were sorry, that we so appreciated all she had to offer our family, that her milk was nourishing our family.  I stroked her neck and told her I would not force her to get up on the stand but reminded her she would physically feel more comfortable once she was milked, I promised to be gentle with her.  Then she went right up.

I realize she was mirroring my husband’s feelings about going to work everyday, his resistance to it and feeling under appreciated for the way her provided for our family.  I shared these things with him and he both laughed and sighed.  Then I told him how much we loved him and we appreciated the way he provides for us.  Later that evening when it was his turn to milk he had a moment with Yuleme where he said he was sorry for being so greedy with the milk, that he loved the milk and how grateful he was for what she had to offer.  He then explained how he works in a world of greed, that it is hard for him to step in and out of his career and farm life.  She jumped up for him also.  In addition to that her milk supply has increase at each milking.  She really is a sweet goat.